CRYORIG is proud to announce another major breakthrough in cooling innovation. Introducing the CRYORIG Adaptive Form ver. 4.1 cooling system! The Adaptive Form ver. 4.1 is the pinnacle of PC cooling and the world’s first custom loop heatpipe cooler. For the first time in human history endless customization air cooling options is finally here! Follow the trail to see how you can build and customize your own Adaptive Form ver. 4.1 custom loop heatpipe cooler!

How to Build the CRYORIG Adaptive Form ver 4.1

Choose Any Length*
For Your Heatpipe

The beauty of the Adaptive Form ver. 4.1 is that it allows you to choose any heatpipe length* configuration you want. Build your Adaptive Form ver. 4.1 based on your system size and needs.
*Maximum 3 Meter.

Mold Your Heatpipe
Anyway* You Like!

Based on your personal needs, you can twist and shape the extremely delicate and prone to rupture heatpipes using our safe* heatpipe modification tools.
*Any damage to the heatpipes due to the use of our safe* heatpipe modification tool is not covered by warranty.
*It is actually not that safe.

Cooling Customization
Almost As Easy As Plug And Play

Plugin the Heatpipes into the Multi Socket Gate base or MSG base for short. Once the heatpipes are pushed into the MSG base slightly twist the outer shell to secure the heatpipes.

Clamp Heatsink Fins
With Simple and Extremely
Small Clips

After you have your MSG base and heatpipes ready, it’s time to clamp on those heatsink fins. You can choose from any length of fin stack you like. Securing them onto the heatpipe is as easy as can be. All you need to do is hold on steadily to the included 10mm clips and use brute force to clamp front and back stacks together*!
*CRYORIG will not be liable for any injuries to fingers or appendages while handling the small metallic made clips.



This is a run of the mill standard demo of what an average user can do with the Adaptive Form ver. 4.1 cooling system, and the soon to be released GPU accessories. Note how the heatpipes and fins logically fills all gaps within the PC case, totally logical totally glorious, an engineer’s build.


This design illustrates a literally out of the box cooling solution. Heatpipes and fins are partially extended beyond the PC case for maximum cool airflow and dust. Round wheel form factor is just for show, the eccentric artist build.


This is the ultimate form of the Adaptive Form ver. 4.1. This is when your PC is no longer a PC, ultimate cooling has caused your PC to ascend into a metallic piece of ship which will carry you to the high heavens of PC gaming and CPU computing Valhalla. The tree shaped form symbolizes your growth as a PC build, reaching out of the case and literally breaking boundaries of thermal dynamics. The only air cooler in the world that it is actually cooler than your room temperature.

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