The Virtually Redundant Cooler

Attach Until Cooled

The CRYORIG Air Fan VR is nothing like anything you’ve ever thought you needed. Wither it’s gaming sessions that begin to heat up, watching immersive private movies or jumping up and down in VR joy, the CRYORIG Air Fan VR will keep you cool and comfortable.

Cooling is Everything

The CRYORIG Air Fan VR uses state of the art cooling tech and phase changing heatpipes designed specifically for VR. It’s high TDP cooling capacity makes you feel like you’re so cold that you’re in the Alps, ALL THE TIME.

The Magic of Airflow

The Air Fan VR’s advanced air fans combined with unorthodox electrical wiring let the fans to be ran in reverse! It is like being able to shoot laser beams with your eyes, laser beams of cool air. So cool that cooling your over heating stock cooler cooled PC is just a click of a button away.

Advanced Techno Design

From the moment you turn on the LED lighting system on the Air Fan VR, passersby will be mesmerized by the flashing raving LED lighting system. Unbelievable, customizable, adaptable and beautiful flashing LED lights will make you the center of any LAN party or real party.

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