C7 G

Small, quiet, cool, compatible, full copper made and covered in high-tech Graphene.

The CRYORIG C7 G is the zenith of high-end small form factor coolers.

C7 Series in classical style
Effects keep innovating

Going through C7 full-aluminum standard-version, C7Cu full-copper version, and now we bring C7 G Graphene version to the world. All our constant innovation is only for better thermal performance.

Zero Interference
A Cooler That
Fits Anywhere

The CRYORIG C7G has a specifically designed width and length that safely complies with the CPU * Keep Out Zone . The C7G is a guaranteed fit, with no RAM or PCI-E card interference period.

*The CPU Keep Out Zone is a design guideline set by both Intel™ and AMD. It is set around the CPU, and dictates no components over a certain height can be placed there.

Full-Copper plus Graphene
Creating the extraordinary thermal effect

Radiating fin of our C7 Graphene Version is completely as same as one of our C7Cu full-copper version. With the Cover of Graphene coating for the better performance, all-black fans are here to offer glorious visual contrast for every user.


High Resolution Media for the C7 G

Specification & Details

Heatsink Specification
Dimension ( with fan ) L97 mm x W97 mm x H47 mm
Weight ( with fan ) 673.5 g
Weight ( without fan ) 613.3 g
Heat pipes 6mm heatpipe x 4 units
Fin T = 0.4 mm ; Gap = 1.2 mm
Fin Pcs 57 pcs
Copper Base C1100 Pure copper nickel plated
RAM Height Limit Limitless
TDP 125 W
Fan Specification
DimensionL92 mm x W92 mm x H15 mm
Weight62 g
Rated Speed600 ~ 2500 RPM ±10 %
Noise Level30 dBA
Air Flow40.5 CFM
Air Pressure2.8 mmH2O
Ampere0.2 A
Motherboard Compatibility
1150, 1151, 1155, 1156, 1200
FM1, FM2/+, AM2/+, AM3/+, AM4
Please note that the compatibility of the heat sink is sometimes limited by other accessories except the socket on the motherboard. Some AMD ITX motherboards may cause compatibility problems.
What's In The Box
C7 G x 1
X-Bar™ Backplate x 1
Screw Pillars x 4
Hex Nut x 4
Washer x 4
CP-7 x 1
Screw Driver x 1
Acoustic Vibration Absorbers x 4
QT90 Wireclips x 2
QF90 Wireclips x 2
Installation Guide x 1

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