Saving Desk Space
The Designer Look
ITX PC Monitor Stand

The Minimalist
Monitor Stand ITX Case

The TAKU is a hybrid between a PC Monitor Stand and a high-end ITX form factor PC case. With the TAKU the PC footprint is minimized to free up desk space while at the same still very capable of housing a high-performance PC system. With the Taku CRYORIG combines wood and aluminum to create an organic feeling piece of Technology that would fit perfectly into any home, or work environment. The TAKU has been in development for over 2 Years in house, with over 6 months of co-development with manufacturing partner Lian Li.


The Dual Fan
Zero RAM Interference
High-End Single Tower

Dedicated to Performance
No Compromise
In Compatibility

The R5 is the second cooler in CRYORIG’s R series of flagship coolers. It is a high-end dual-fan single tower that is designed to stay within the mainboard’s CPU Keep-Out-Zone. This means that the CRYORIG R5 has Zero RAM Interference, even on Intel’s X99/X299 based platforms. Made with performance in-mind the R5 contains multiple CRYORIG cooling innovations including: Convex-Align cooler base optimization, Multi-Seg™ Quick Mount System, 6 CRYORIG High-end Copper Heatpipes, CRYORIG Dual Fan Fin Optimizations and more. Dual XF140 800-1400 rpm PWM fans will be attached front and back for enhanced performance.


The Copper Enhanced
Performance Edition Coolers

Pure Copper
Pure Performance

The Cu Series is CRYORIG’s Copper enhanced, Performance Edition cooler series. In traditional heatsink fin designs Aluminum provides a good combination of performance, weight and cost. But Copper provides roughly twice the heat conductivity compared to Aluminum. This is why CRYORIG has hand picked some of their most acclaimed coolers and fitting them with brand new pure copper fins. It’s instant added performance to already spectacular coolers.

CRYORIG Computex 17'
Breaking Boundaries @Booth I1105 Nangang Hall 1

CRYORIG’s fourth international Computex show will demo the much anticipated Taku Monitor Stand PC Case, and two new never revealed projects: The R5 High-End Single Tower Cooler and the CRYORIG Cu Series Copper Enhanced Coolers.

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