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The CUSTOMOD Cover for R1 offers almost unlimited options. Available in all the major mainboard color schemes, choose your color based on your system’s general color scheme, or match together all your favorite colors. It’s your PC, why not make it personal!

Premium Metallic Colors

CUSTOMOD Cover for R1 uses non-other than the highest quality coloring finishes. Near metallic finishes will make you second guess that they’re made of metal, while being high grade ABS and safe of electric conduction and fire. *White and Black frames do not use metallic coloring finishes.

Specification & Details

Heatsink Specification
Dimension L23 mm x W140 mm x H131 mm
Weight 40 g
Available Color Red / Orange / Green / Blue / Black / White
Compatibility R1 Universal / R1 Ultimate
What's In The Box
Cover x 2

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