Crona 120

Breaking Conventional Design
Adding Depth to RGB Lighting

RGB Lighting With Depth

The Crona 120 breaks away from the conventional square fan design to elevate it’s lighting elements. By removing the square frame, Crona creates a strong 3 dimensional lighting structure.

Circular Lighting

With the removal of the square frame, there’s nothing blocking Crona’s RGB LEDs. A perfect non obstructed 3 dimensional halo is viewable from both the front and side.

Full Lighting
Even When Stacked

With the Crona’s RGB LED halo elevated from the back frame, there’s no loss in viewable lighting even when fans are stacked next to each other.

Multi-Chromatic Effects
Supports 12v and 5v Addressable RGB

With the included Crona Controller and Remote, the Crona supports on the fly switching between up to 14 speed/color adjustable lighting effects. The Crona Controller supports both 12v and 5v Addressable inputs, making it compatible with almost all RGB enabled mainboards as well as a stand-alone RGB controller.


High Resolution Media for the Crona 120

Specification & Details

DimensionL120 mm x W120 mm x H25.4 mm
Weightxxx g
Rated Speed330 ~ 1600 RPM ±10 %
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