The Fast and Simple Way
To Measure Case Depth

We at CRYORIG are on a continuous mission to improve the user experience. Following our acclaimed CR Origami Tester, we are expanding our easy to use tools with the CR Origami Case Depth Checker! With this new tool you will be able to check your case
depth and find out if our heatsinks will fit your case!
The tool is easy to assemble and only requires
a printer, scissors, ruler, glue and a piece of thread!


Height Markers for Popular Coolers
Extreme Easy Compatibility Checking

On the CR Origami Case Depth Checker you’ll find height markers not only for all CRYORIG products, but also height markers for other popular heatsinks. Including products from Noctua, Coolermaster and more to come. If you don’t find your heatsink of choice just write in to support@cryorig.com and we will add it on!
*Product height information of other brands are based on their respecting product pages.



First choose the CRYORIG Heatsink Model of choice, and select the correct socket type of your mainboard.

Socket 115x    Socket 2011    AMD Series


Print your plans with a printer onto a piece of A4 sized paper.When printing making sure to use the following print options: Actual Size/True Size and Uncheck Fit To Page. Then use the Scale Check Zone at the bottom of the print out with your ruler, to see if you have a 1:1 print. Printing on thin cardboard or thicker materials are suggested but not required.


Follow the scissor icon and cutout each part of the CR ORIGAMI TESTER. You will end up with the three parts: FIN, BASE TESTER and PIPE.


Fold the dotted lines on the FIN, BASE TESTER and PIPE. Glue or tape the winglet on the BASE TESTER to complete.


Now place the BASE of the CR Origami Case Depth Checker directly on top of your CPU, so that the four sides of the BASE wraps perfectly around the protruding lid of the CPU. Now run a piece of thread through the openings of the CR Origami Case Depth Checker. Pull the thread to the sides of your case. If the sides of your case is stepped, then remember to pull the ends of the thread to the lowest point of the sides of your case. Where the thread intersects with the CR Origami Case Depth Checker marks your case’s CPU cooler height tolerance. *If your case has a side panel fan, then you will need to deduct the thickness of the fan from your CPU height tolerance.

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