The High-End Software Controlled
RGB Lighting Heatsink
Powered By CAM

Enhanced Efficiency with Hive Fin Technology

Featuring CRYORIG’s proprietary Hive Fin™ technology, the H7 Quad Lumi gains the benefit of faster hot air exhaust speeds and air turbulence reduction, so air passes through further and is expelled faster!


Optimized Heatpipes Placement Improves Heat Transfer

CRYORIG’s proprietary Convex-Align™ System is again featured in the H7 Quad Lumi, allowing for more heatpipes concentrated towards the hot spots on the CPU surface. This grants better heat transfer from the CPU Die to all heatpipes.

Performance VS Intel™ Stock Cooler

0 % Plus

6mm Heatpipe

0 Unit


0 Watt


Advanced Dual Channel
RGB System

The H7 Quad Lumi features the most advanced lighting system on any cooling product to date. The dual channel RGB system that allows for individual lighting effects and colors for the top logo and bottom under glow. Reactive effects can respond to system conditions such as temperature, audio and more.


Integrated RGB LED Control System Powered by CAM.

Inside each H7 Quad Lumi, houses a NZXT CAM controller module. With the additional controller the H7 Quad Lumi is capable of full software control. Color change, lighting effects and even Fan RPM and profile settings are all capable through CAM software and app.


Compact Performance
Small yet Powerful

The CRYORIG H7 Quad Lumi much like the H7 is designed with compatibility in mind. Maintaining the original 145mm height the H7 Quad Lumi is made to fit almost all cases on the market. At the same time it’s 160watt TDP thermal design makes it one of the best performance options for it’s miniature size.

Zero RAM Interference
Unlimited RAM Compatibility

The H7 Quad Lumi features CRYORIG’s Zero Interference design, that keeps the full heatsink+fan compactly inside the CPU Keep Out Zone and away from the RAM slots. This means that users can choose whatever RAM they like and know for certain that it will work with the H7 Quad Lumi.

High Performance LED Fan
with Quad Air Inlet™ Tech

The H7 Quad Lumi includes the new QF120 LED. Based on the original QF120 series the QF120 LED features white LED lighting as well as all of the existing features from the QF series including: Quad Air Inlet™ for added air intake, ultra wide PWM RPM range, integrated Acoustic Absorbers and HPLN™ bearing. It delivers a great balance of performance versus acoustics, while adding LED lighting aesthetics.




Evolved and Improved

The H7 Quad Lumi is based on the award winning best seller H7. Besides adding the CAM powered RGB system, with the H7 Quad Lumi CRYORIG has added one additional high performance heatpipe as well as increased support enthusiast grade Intel™ LGA 2011v3. The H7 Quad Lumi is not only RGB capable but all around a more powerful Quad Heatpipe H7!

One Additional Heatpipe
20 more TDP Watt

0 Watt Plus

Improved Performance
Over Standard H7

0 % Plus

Additional Support for

0 Platform


High Resolution Media for the H7 Quad Lumi

Specification & Details

Heatsink Specification
Dimension ( with fan )L98 mm x W123 mm x H145 mm
Weight ( with fan )713 g
Weight ( without fan )585 g
Heat pipes6mm heatpipe x 4 units
FinT = 0.4 mm ; Gap = 2.2 mm
Fin Pcs40 pcs
Copper BaseC1100 Pure copper nickel plated
RAM Height LimitLimitless
TDP160 W
Fan Specification
ModelQF120 LED Balance
DimensionL120 mm x W120 mm x H25.4 mm
Weight128 g
Rated Speed330 ~ 1600 RPM ±10 %
Noise Level10 ~ 25 dBA
Air Flow59 CFM
Air Pressure1.65 mmH2O
Ampere0.25 A
Motherboard Compatibility
2066, 2011(-3), 1150, 1151, 1155, 1156, 1200
FM1, FM2/+, AM2/+, AM3/+, AM4
What's In The Box
H7 Quad Lumi x 1
X-Bar™ Backplate x 1
Hexagon Pillars x 4
Intel Mounting Bar x 2
AM4 Mounting Plate x 1
Thumb Screw Caps x 4
Screw Pillars x 4
LGA 2011 Screw Pillars x 4
CP-7 x 1
Installation Guide x 1

Compatibility Check

The Easiest Way To
Check if CRYORIG Fits

At CRYORIG, we are always coming up with new ideas on how to improve our user experience. Taking into account of the multitude of hardware combinations and the speed of new hardware hitting the market, we have come up with a innovative way of helping users solve the question of “Will it Fit?” in true modding/DIY spirit.

Enter the CRYORIG ORIGAMI COMPATIBILITY TESTER! All you need is a printer, some A4 sized paper, a ruler, and a pair of scissors to make your own CR ORIGAMI TESTER! Please always use recycled materials or used paper if available.


Print your plans with a printer onto a piece of A4 sized paper.When printing making sure to use the following print options: Actual Size/True Size and Uncheck Fit To Page. Then use the Scale Check Zone at the bottom of the print out with your ruler, to see if you have a 1:1 print. Printing on thin cardboard or thicker materials are suggested but not required.





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