CRYORIG Teaser Preview of the C1 ITX Cooler

MARCH 25 2014, PM 06:17

OCTOBER 2 2018

CRYORIG announces new sTR4 Upgrade Clip Kit for majority of its products

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AUGUST 6 2018

CRYORIG Releases New Dual Fan Versions of Best Sellers H7 Plus and M9 Plus

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MAY 30 2018

CRYORIG Reveals Crona 120 RGB Fan and H7 Ultra RGB Ahead of Computex 2018

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MAY 22 2018

CRYORIG Announces Frostbit M.2 Cooler and C7 RGB for Computex 2018.

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APRIL 18 2018

CRYORIG releases Full Copper C7 Cu Heatsink

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CRYORIG, new comer in the PC cooling solutions market is currently testing the new C line of ITX orientated top flow coolers. Beginning with the C1, CRYORIG looks to provide the same award winning technologies and innovation for ITX and Micro ATX based systems. More detailed information of the C1 will be released as the product finishes internal testing phases and ready for production. Target release date is set at May, 2014.






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