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APRIL 1 2014, PM 10:51

NOVEMBER 28 2017

CRYORIG Updates QF120 System Fans with LED Variants

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CRYORIG Enters Case Market With the Taku Monitor Stand ITX Case

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JUNE 21 2017

CRYORIG Supports LGA2066

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MAY 28 2017

CRYORIG Introduces the Taku Kickstarter Campaign

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MAY 24 2017

CRYORIG Reveals New R5 Cooler and Cu Line of Performance Enhanced Coolers.

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Introducing CRYORIG’s AF41 supreme air cooling super tower. The CRYORIG AF41 (short for Air Flow For #1), is the apex of air cooling innovation, cooling performance, heatpipe design, overall weight, maximum dBA power and near zero Kelvin cooling performance. Featuring our very own PentaPropeller™ system, with a world first five 140mm high performance XF140’s. Each fan pushes and doubles the airflow and dBA of the fan in front of it, for the final sum of 16xCFM and 16xdBA!! Along with a the 4.0 version of our Jet Fin Acceleration System™ tower units, the all new Extreme Turbo Jet System™ compresses and expands air flow through 4 series of towers, and creating near Jet engine propulsion. With all of these innovative features combining into our proprietary ExtremeTurboJetSuperPentaPropellerHyperPropulsionSystem™ or EX.T.J.S.P.P.H.P.S™ for short. We believe that the EX.T.J.S.P.P.H.P.S™ is the most sophisticated piece of PC cooling technology known to man till this point in history, and we at CRYORIG are here to present it as our gift to mankind.

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