CRYORIG R1 Ultimate Wins Silver from best of 2014

JANUARY 26 2015, PM 03:55

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The R1 Ultimate, CRYORIG’s flagship product has won a Silver Award from renowned Japanese PC Industry publication house ASCII’s CPU Cooler King of the Hill 2014 (2014年CPUクーラー王座決定戦).

The R1 Ultimate tops the charts in both the High Load CPU Temperature Test (Standard Mode), nearly 2℃ cooler than the nearest competitor the H5 Universal, also from CRYORIG. In the High Load CPU Temperature Test (Silent Mode), the CRYORIG R1 Ultimate ties with the eventual Gold winner both at 73℃ max temp. CRYORIG is proud to be in this elite class of CPU Cooler brands, not to mention winning Silver honors from ASCII’s CPU Cooler King of the Hill 2014 (2014年CPUクーラー王座決定戦) with their very first product to hit the market. With a fresh new year ahead CRYORIG is gearing up for even more impressive models for this year’s Taipei Computex 2015.

最強はどれだ? 2014年CPUクーラー王座決定戦 (Japanese)

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