CRYORIG Heatsinks Support LGA1151 Skylake

AUGUST 5 2015, AM 11:31

OCTOBER 2 2018

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AUGUST 6 2018

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MAY 30 2018

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MAY 22 2018

CRYORIG Announces Frostbit M.2 Cooler and C7 RGB for Computex 2018.

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APRIL 18 2018

CRYORIG releases Full Copper C7 Cu Heatsink

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CRYORIG, PC thermal solution innovator announces support for Intel’s latest LGA1151 “Skylake” 100-Series chipsets. Any CRYORIG heatsink that supports LGA115x will support the newest Intel LGA1151 “Skylake” 100-Series chipsets with no added accessory needed. This includes the following heatsinks:

R1 Ultimate / R1 Universal / H5 Ultimate / H5 Universal / H7 / C1 / C7 / M9i
A40 / A40 Ultimate / A80

CRYORIG’s product design philosophy is to make their products future proof, and allow for simple upgrades to the newest PC standards whenever possible. New platforms causing obsolete products or forced upgrades, and further creating added environmental wastes is not a viable practice in this time and age. That is why CRYORIG products are designed to be easily upgraded to the newest platform whenever possible. Upgrade parts will be provided at minimal material costs. With a 3+3 year max warranty on heatsink products, providing upgrade options are essential for CRYORIG.






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