CRYORIG Computex 2016 Recap

JUNE 8 2016, AM 09:53

NOVEMBER 12 2021

CRYORIG Supports LGA 1700

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CRYORIG release new products, Crona, R5 and Spares Kit

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MAY 22 2020

CRYORIG Supports LGA 1200

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MAY 8 2020

CRYORIG announces New Ditigal Installation Guide Card

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AUGUST 5 2019

CRYORIG Releases Two Top-flow Coolers, C7 RGB and C7 G

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Computex 2016 has been another great achievement for CRYORIG. Besides pushing the limits of PC cooling peripherals design, this year CRYORIG introduces another all new line of products. Two completely new innovative product designs for the new CRYORIG Case line was released. And here is a total recap of what CRYORIG had to offer!

This year’s show floor was divided up into three sections: The Gaming Area, Living Room, and the Home Office/Study. Each section reflects a real world setting for the intended product.

The Gaming Area houses the H7 Quad Lumi, a joint collaboration with PC case manufacturer NZXT. The H7 Quad Lumi is a fully software controlled RGB LED lit heatsink based on the awarding winning CRYORIG H7.

LED effects and colors are controlled all through NZXT’s CAM software for easy and limitless control.

H7 Quad Lumi CAM Audio Symphony Light Show

The Living Room section show the OLA, CRYORIG’s round Cylindrical PC case.

The OLA is CRYORIG’s attempt in creating a stunning “non-PC” looking ITX case, with support for the highest-end GPU and CPU’s.

The GTX 1080 fits perfectly into the OLA.

The Home Office area houses the TAKU, a PC monitor stand ITX case. This is CRYORIG’s 2nd case project along with the OLA, marking CRYORIG’s innovation for out of the ordinary solutions.

The Taku Houses a full ITX system while being able to support monitors up to 28”~30”, and hide full sized mechanical keyboards.

Inside of the show floor we have the Trophy Wall, showing all CRYORIG products past and present.

This wall shows what CRYORIG is all about, beautiful innovative and performance orientated products!

This year was made extra special with CRYORIG’s first ever live stream event. Co-founders James and Steve along with communities manager Liam pictured above.

Live @Computex 2016 CRYORIG Computex Ask Anything Stream

Some PC industry affiliates showing up at CRYORIG’s booth.

Taiwanese PC media site XFastes was here.

UK site Vortez asks more about CRYORIG products.

CRYORIG's Booth Time-Lapse Photography

This is CRYORIG’s third and most successful Computex to date, with many more exciting events yet to come!

Product Page H7 QUAD LUMI & OLA & TAKU






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