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SEPTEMBER 21 2016, AM 08:24

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The CRYORIG Taku is midway in development with some interesting detail getting refined. We at CRYORIG think it is a good time to kickoff a small Q&A session based on questions previously submitted us through social media or discussions on various forums.

Will there be removable dust filters on the vents?
Yes, we have a custom made magnetic snapping quick release filter panel for the top air intakes.

Will there be a black version of the TAKU?
Yes, we have a black version of the Taku planned. More variations are in discussion.

Do the legs come with the chassis? Are the legs detachable?
Yes, the legs come with the chassis and will be easily removed with a screw driver.

How about external connectivity?
At this point we can say that there will be at least two side panel USB 3.0 ports as well as a mic and earphone port at the front right side of the Taku.

Will there be a slim optical drive slot?
Currently no, we do not have plans to add optical drive bays. We are still debating the need and possibility of adding a slim slot loaded type optical expansion slot. Tell us what you think about this feature? Is it a must have? Are you willing to sacrifice something like an extra internal HDD slot for this?

Will there be more versions for ATX/mATX motherboard?
At the time being we will only release a ITX version of the Taku. We are toying around with the idea of a mATX form factor in the very long future.

Are full size GPU supported?
GPU support is still set at 266.7mm or 10.5in. This is long enough for a mainstream mid to high-end cards.

Possibility of back side cable management?
The Taku’s sliding tray function means that we can’t locate too much wires in the back/bottom of the tray. However, we will include planned cable management structures directly on the tray.

Are standard/full sized PSU’s compatible with the Taku?
Currently no. There is too much of a trade off in size and internal components that we don’t think it’s feasible. We want the Taku to be lean and clean.

Is it possible to place dual/multi monitor setups?
We are looking into this. But we think that a monitor arm based solution will be best for multi-monitor setups. Unless you want to buy 2-3 Taku’s!

The PSU and Mainboard seems very far apart, will this cause compatibility problems with the PSU with short cables?
We will include a PSU extension cable with the Taku. We are also in talks with some PSU brands to make a custom PSU design for the Taku.

These are the major questions regarding CRYORIG’s Taku up until now. If there are any more questions you would like to see answered in the future you can head to our Facebook Fan Page and leave a message there!






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