CRYORIG Readies Full AM4 Line Up and Free Upgrade Kit

MARCH 7 2017, AM 09:15

OCTOBER 2 2018

CRYORIG announces new sTR4 Upgrade Clip Kit for majority of its products

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AUGUST 6 2018

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MAY 30 2018

CRYORIG Reveals Crona 120 RGB Fan and H7 Ultra RGB Ahead of Computex 2018

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MAY 22 2018

CRYORIG Announces Frostbit M.2 Cooler and C7 RGB for Computex 2018.

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APRIL 18 2018

CRYORIG releases Full Copper C7 Cu Heatsink

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With the much-anticipated release of the AMD Ryzen CRYORIG prepares to launch a full line of AMD Ryzen dedicated coolers as well as simple upgrade kits for existing AMD compatible CRYORIG cooling products. Beginning from Type A to Type D, there will be a total of 4 different AM4 upgrade kits depending on the corresponding CRYORIG product. Natively supporting Ryzen dedicated version models will begin to release later in Q2 2017 and will consist of the full CRYORIG cooling portfolio.

CRYORIG’s four AM4 upgrade kits will be released beginning in late March and will be completely free of charge (including shipping) for existing users to apply for. Users will only need to provide a proof of purchase of the CRYORIG product (or product registration number), and a proof of purchase of an AMD Ryzen or AM4 CPU or Motherboard. Just fill out and supply all necessary info at, the kit will be sent directly to the provided address. Distributors and select channels will also have these kits available. The following chart indicates the CRYORIG product and it’s corresponding AM4 upgrade kit.

CRYORIG’s dedicated Ryzen ready products will natively contain AMD socket AM4 optimized mounting kits, and will also continue to support modern AMD sockets including AM3/AM3+. Beginning in Q2 2017, CRYORIG will start shipping dedicated Ryzen ready versions of CRYORIG’s full product line. Exact release dates will vary from model to model. The Ryzen Supported sticker will be found on all dedicated Ryzen ready coolers for easy identification, and indicates that no additional kits are required for Ryzen support.
TypeModelRyzen AM4 Support
Air CoolingR1 Universal AM4/3YES
R1 Ultimate AM4/3YES
R1 UniversalRequires AM4 Upgrade Kit Type AR1
R1 UltimateRequires AM4 Upgrade Kit Type AR1
H5 Universal AM4/3YES
H5 Ultimate AM4/3YES
H5 UniversalRequires AM4 Upgrade Kit Type A
H5 UltimateRequires AM4 Upgrade Kit Type A
C1Requires AM4 Upgrade Kit Type A
H7Requires AM4 Upgrade Kit Type B
C7Requires AM4 Upgrade Kit Type C
M9aRequires AM4 Upgrade Kit Type A
Liquid CoolingA40Requires AM4 Upgrade Kit Type D
A40 UltimateRequires AM4 Upgrade Kit Type D
A80Requires AM4 Upgrade Kit Type D

Officially founded in 2013, CRYORIG is dedicated in delivering the most technically advanced, best designed and easy to use products on the market. The creators of CRYORIG have decades worth of experience working with multiple top high-end PC peripherals brands. With the long experience and drive for innovation and improvement, CRYORIG is about applying RESEARCH and innovative IDEAS making the coolest GEAR possible.

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