CRYORIG Announces World First Custom Loop Heatpipe Cooler

MARCH 31 2017, PM 04:46

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CRYORIG is proud to announce another major breakthrough in cooling innovation. Introducing the CRYORIG Adaptive Form ver. 4.1 cooling system! The Adaptive Form ver. 4.1 is the pinnacle of PC cooling and the world’s first custom loop heatpipe cooler. For the first time in human history endless customization air cooling options is finally here!

The CRYORIG Adaptive Form ver. 4.1 is taking a page from custom loop cooling design. But instead of bending plastic tubes CRYORIG has finally found a way to allow PC users customize their heatpipe and heatsink fins. The CRYORIG Adaptive Form ver. 4.1 is based on a Multi Socket Gate base that allow users to attach up to 15 heatpipes into the base block for insane amount of cooling. Users can twist and shape the extremely delicate and prone to rupture heatpipes using our safe* heatpipe modification tools to meet the shape they need. But please note any damage to the heatpipes due to the use of our safe heatpipe modification tool is not covered by warranty. Once users insert and secure their molded heatpipes they can then separately attach stacks of heatsink fins according to personal preference and design.

The Adaptive Form ver. 4.1 from CRYORIG is bound to change the way PC builders build their PC’s. The dream of customizing your air based cooler like custom liquid loops is no longer a dream. The Adaptive Form ver. 4.1 is set to release on February 29th 2018.

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