CRYORIG Supports LGA 1700

NOVEMBER 12 2021, AM 02:33


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CRYORIG would be supported LGA1700 of mounting upgrades and updated CPU coolers.

In response to the new generation of Intel™ LGA1700 socket, CRYORIG announced that will launch the mounting kits for the LGA1700. It is expected that all new products to supported LGA1700 on January 2022.
If you have purchased CRYORIG cpu cooler but have not supported LGA1700, CRYORIG will provide free-of-charge mounting upgrade kits of LGA1700 which must meet the following conditions:
1. Proof of purchasing photo of CRYORIG related products purchased after January 1st 2021 (inclusive).
2. Proof of purchasing of Intel's 12th generation Alder Lake CPU (LGA1700).
Users who meet the above conditions can obtain it from the local distributor after January 2022. If they cannot obtain it, user can apply for it to CRYORIG official website. (

Users who have purchased Cryorig related products before December 31st 2020.can pay relevant fees to obtain them. The relevant application procedures will be notified separately on January 2022.

The products supported by the LGA1700 upgrade package are:
LGA1700 KIT Type-A:
R1 Universal, R1 Ultimate, C1, H5 Universal, H5 Ultimate
LGA1700 KIT Type-B:
C7, C7 Cu, C7 G, C7 RGB
LGA1700 KIT Type-C:
H7 Quad Lumi, M9i, M9 Plus
LGA1700 KIT Type-D:






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