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JULY 10 2019, AM 10:00

Registration system out-of-service announcement

The registration system has been deactivated since 2019.07.01. All Products with the origin Proof of Purchasing (either scan, electronic copy or photo of a printed invoice) would receive Extended Warranty. (starting on purchase date) For the extended ...

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JANUARY 14 2019, AM 08:46

CRYORIG no longer provides free AM4 Upgrade Kit

CRYORIG has provided free AM4 Upgrade Kit in the past few years for those AM4 users and now no longer offer them on CRYORIG’s official website. Considering with new coolers sold on the market in 2018 which are all AM4 compatible, for this reason CRYORIG...

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OCTOBER 2 2018, AM 02:12

CRYORIG announces new sTR4 Upgrade Clip Kit for majority of its products

CRYORIG announces new sTR4 Upgrade Clip Kit for majority of its products 26.09.2018 - Taipei, Taiwan. Coinciding with the release of 2nd Gen AMD™ Ryzen™ Threadripper™ CPUs, CRYORIG is releasing its sTR4 Upgrade Kit for its high-end air coolers. The s...

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AUGUST 6 2018, AM 08:51

CRYORIG Releases New Dual Fan Versions of Best Sellers H7 Plus and M9 Plus

8.08.2018 Taipei, Taiwan. Enthusiast thermal solutions brand CRYORIG releases the new H7 Plus and M9 Plus dual fan heatsinks. Based on the best-selling H7 and M9i/a, CRYORIG is now offering these two models with a direct dual fan upgrade for best in cla...

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MAY 30 2018, AM 09:33

CRYORIG Reveals Crona 120 RGB Fan and H7 Ultra RGB Ahead of Computex 2018

29.05.2018 Taipei, Taiwan a week before Computex CRYORIG reveals the Crona 120 RGB fan and H7 Ultra RGB Cooler tower cooler. The Crona 120 is CRYORIG’s first RGB fan with an un-conventional single sided fan frame design in exchange for an unobstructed f...

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