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MARCH 31 2017, PM 04:46

CRYORIG Announces World First Custom Loop Heatpipe Cooler

CRYORIG is proud to announce another major breakthrough in cooling innovation. Introducing the CRYORIG Adaptive Form ver. 4.1 cooling system! The Adaptive Form ver. 4.1 is the pinnacle of PC cooling and the world’s first custom loop heatpipe cooler. For...

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MARCH 7 2017, AM 09:15

CRYORIG Readies Full AM4 Line Up and Free Upgrade Kit

With the much-anticipated release of the AMD Ryzen CRYORIG prepares to launch a full line of AMD Ryzen dedicated coolers as well as simple upgrade kits for existing AMD compatible CRYORIG cooling products. Beginning from Type A to Type D, there will be ...

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JANUARY 25 2017, AM 07:14

CRYORIG Provides Free AM4 Update Kit

In response to AMD’s soon to be released Ryzen CPU and AM4 platform, PC thermal solution brand CRYORIG will be providing free AM4 upgrade kits soon after the official release of the AMD Ryzen CPU release. All users of existing AMD supported products wil...

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JANUARY 17 2017, AM 04:12

CRYORIG Releases the QF140 140 mm System Fan Line

CRYORIG, PC thermal solutions expert has built upon the successful QF120 line of system fans to release the new QF140 Performance and QF140 Silent 140 mm fans. The QF140 like the original QF120 line features CRYORIG proprietary Quad Air Intake™ system. ...

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SEPTEMBER 21 2016, AM 08:24

The TAKU Q&A Session Your Questions Have Been Answered!

The CRYORIG Taku is midway in development with some interesting detail getting refined. We at CRYORIG think it is a good time to kickoff a small Q&A session based on questions previously submitted us through social media or discussions on various forums...

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