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DECEMBER 8 2014, PM 05:26

CRYORIG Chromatic and Golden Special Edition Heatsinks Giveaway

In a gesture to thank the world wide PC community for the great support, CRYORIG is holding a total of two year-end giveaway events, with the grand prize being one 24 Karat Gold Plat...

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NOVEMBER 25 2014, PM 05:27

CRYORIG Reaches the continent of Australia!

CRYORIG, innovator of PC thermal solutions, after much demand from local PC enthusiasts have finally arrived in Australia! Together with Australian based distribution and sales partner PC Case Gear (PCCG), CRYORIG’s full line up is available in the cou...

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NOVEMBER 24 2014, PM 05:36

CRYORIG Innovative Product Compatibility Tester Goes Online.

CRYORIG, PC thermal solutions innovator is releasing a new Compatibility Tester. The CR Origami testing system allows users to print out and put together a origami structure that will reflects the fin size footprint, heatpipe height limitations for a C...

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OCTOBER 27 2014, AM 11:15

CRYORIG Now Available in Over 10 Countries

CRYORIG, innovator of PC thermal and cooling solutions is now available in over 10 countries and growing! With the first CPU heatsink system the R1 Ultimate in January 2014, within 10 months time CRYORIG is now sold in over 10 countries. With direct d...

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SEPTEMBER 17 2014, AM 10:09

CRYORIG Provides Free LGA2011-3 Upgrade Kit

In response to the just launched new Intel™ LGA 2011-3 socket, PC thermal solution brand CRYORIG will be providing free LGA 2011-3 upgrade kits beginning in October for users upon demand. CRYORIGs Portfolio includes absolute High-End products, such as t...

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