Fully Interchangeable Parts
Unlimited Customization
World’s First Modular Fan System

Removable Fan Hub
Customize To Your Liking

CRYORIG’s RIMS (short for Removable & Interchangeable Modular System) fan allows for a fully detachable and interchangeable Fan Hub. Users can choose and customize between different bearing types and RPM characteristics. Future support for FDB, Ball, and CRYORIG’s HPLN™ Bearings.

Choose the Blades
That Match You

CRYORIG’s RIMS fan and it’s modular fan blade design allows to choose the fan blades for your need. Either high static pressure blades to move are through tight fins, or high airflow blades to get the most air in and out of your case, CRYORIG RIMS is made to provide choice.

Modular Frames
Styled to Your Liking

CRYORIG RIMS modular nature also allow users to change between different frame styles. Be it matching your case color theme or using round frames vs. square frames to fit your spacing, the RIMS series fans allow you to keep the blade and hub characteristics you like, while fitting the frame to fit you.

The Choice is All Yours

By modularizing the three main components of a fan: hub, blade and frame CRYORIG’s Removable & Interchangeable Modular System allows for an unprecedented amount of possibilities. Each module unit is interchangeable and upgradable to your liking. No fan has to be the same.

Remove, Wash and Repeat
Fan Maintenance Made Easy

Modular and easy to remove, RIMS enabled fans can be truly taken apart piece by piece isolating the electronic magnetic hub from the blades and frame. This allows the user to fully wash their blades and frame to remove performance hampering dust, while keeping the fan hub and bearing fully intact. No cheap gimmick and harmful breaking of the bearing and fan shaft.