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The Premium Grade Monitor Stand ITX PC Case

The Taku is a stylish PC monitor stand that’s also capable of housing a high-end ITX PC. Made from a premium fully aluminum chassis and with solid hand crafted wood, the Taku is the centerpiece of any desk or workspace. Onthe technical front, the Taku is capable of fitting full sized GPU’s, multiple SSD’s and hard drives, and the most powerful ITX mainboards and CPU’s on the market. The Taku is designed to stylishly save space while not compromising on any specs or details.

The Internal System Tray

The core of the Taku is built around the innovative internal system tray. The system tray slides out effortlessly with a push opener, and locks into place once pushed in. The system tray can easily be detached from the wholechassis just by pushing down on the two safety buttons on the rail. The removable internal system tray allows for easy service or installs of all your components.

Spacious System Layout and Easy Cable Management

The Taku’s system tray layout is divided into compartments to maximize space and upgradability. The Taku can house a full 280mm high-end GPU card as well as two 2.5” SSDs and one 3.5” hard drive. This makes the Taku fully capable of housing a high-end gaming system. The Taku has even taken care of cable management with specialized covers to tuck away your cables for aesthetics and improved internal airflow.

Housing Your Monitor and Keyboard

The Taku fits directly underneath the display monitor. Specialized internal beams in the chassis provides added structural support, enough to hold up monitors up to 15 kg. The room underneath the Taku is enough to fit a full-sized 104 Key mechanical keyboard.

Liberate Your Desk Space

The Taku is designed specifically to create a more space efficient PC experience. The fact that the Taku is capable to house your full PC, store the keyboard and work as a monitor stand saves massive amounts of desk space by arranging everything vertically. This means more physical desk space for you to use, not just as a PC desk.

What To Do With All That Extra Space?

With your whole PC, keyboard and mouse nicely tucked under your monitor, you’ll have a lot more space for crazy things like using the desk as a reading or writing desk! The space is yours, use it!

Smart Cable Routing Inside and Out

The Taku has cable management all figured out, both internal and externally. Specially designed cable routing ports can be found on each sides of the Taku. These cable routing ports allows you to run anything directly to the back of your PC. Meaning you can virtually run any cable you need from the back to the front, while keeping the cords nice and hidden. Not to mention easily accessible and non-visually-obtrusive USB 3.00 and Audio ports on the right side of the Taku.

Hand Crafted, Solid Wooden Legs. No Taku is Alike

Solid hand crafted wooden legs were the chosen material as the base of the Taku. This was both for the excellent structural support and also for the craftsmanship of solid wood. No two sets of wooden legs will have the exact same texture, which awesomely makes each Taku unique.

It’s Made To Fit You

The Taku is a PC chassis that’s meant to aesthetically and functionally fit the user. It is designed to be a match for both your home and work space, so that you can combine both without compromise. Build a high-end ITX PC, while still be able to use that desk for other functions. For CRYORIG, the PC has always been about being Personal, showing Personality, while striving for Perfection!


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Specification & Details

Case Dimensions 142 H x 570 W x 310 D mm
Weight 5.3 kg
Front ports 2 x USB 3.0 and 3.5mm Audio in/out ports
Material 2mm aluminum, anodized sandblasted exterior
Color Anodized silver exterior
What's In The Box
Taku Chassisx 1
Wooden Legsx 1set
GPU- Riser Cardx 1set
PSU- 24pin extension cablex 1
PSU- 8pin extension cablex 1
92mm System Fanx 1
Cable Tiesx 3
PCM Buzzerx 1
Rubber Pad For Legsx 4
Allen Keyx 1
Hex Socket Screwsx 7
Hexagon Screwx 5
Screw 6-32,6mmx 5
Screw M3,5mmx 13
CPU Coolers
Max. height 48mm
Note: Some heatsinks will also fit if used with a thinner fan
Hard Disk Drives
2 x 2.5" HDD/SSD
1 x 3.5" HDD/SSD
If the SATA power connector is shorter than 45cm*, an additional SATA Power extender may be required(Not Included.)

*According to suggested installation guidelines, the distance from the PSU to the SATA SSD/HDD is 45cm. Please make sure that your SATA power connector is at least this length from the PSU to the designated female SATA Connector.
Graphics Card
Max. Width: From bottom of PCI-E slot to top: 134mm
Max. Height: 40mm (Dual Slot PCI-E)
Max. Length: 280mm
Power Supply
Memory Max. Height

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