CRYORIG Warranty Policy


1. When given normal, proper and intended usage CRYORIG guarantees the proper function of our products for their respective warranty period.
2. The length of each Product’s Warranty Period is based on their respective category, unless stated otherwise in their Product Page
Heatsinks and Coolers: 3 years
Fans: 3 Years
Cases : 2 Years
3. The Warranty is invalid in cases of any User modifications, damages caused by incorrect use or installation, and User mal handling of the product.
4. This Warranty is non-transferable, and only covers the original purchase.
5. The Warranty covers the proper performance and function of the product during the Warranty Period.
6. All Warranty requests must provide the original proof of purchase, either a electronic copy, scan or photo of a printed invoice, and the Product Registration Card serial number.
7. On the occasion when a proof of purchase and Product Registration Card is not present, based on information provided by the user CRYORIG will have the right to dictate the warranty period or provide only Limited Warranty.
8. Under Limited Warranty, CRYORIG is entitled to charge users for replacement or service parts and material as well as additional shipping charges.
9. The Warranty does not cover Visual Defects, unless said Visual Defect diminishes the proper function of the Product, or may cause functional problems during the Warranty Period.
10. During the Warranty Period, CRYORIG will provide the user with spare replacement parts free of material charges if said issue does not conflict any other clauses.


CRYORIG will supply monetary compensation for damages that occur directly related to the malfunctioning or leaking of the product during normal use. For possible damages caused by our products, CRYORIG requires users to send in pictures of the damage and receipts of the said product via e-mail. Once we receive the form back, CRYORIG will issue prepaid shipping to bring the product and all suspected damage components back to our Lab for evaluation and possible monetary reimbursement if found that our product indeed caused the damage, otherwise, if our product passes the failure analysis, we will then send all the components back to you. The amount of monetary reimbursement will be based on the current market value of that given hardware. CRYORIG will do a failure analysis on our component and let you know the results.


1. Registered Products will receive Extended Warranty, the extension will be based on their respective category, unless stated otherwise in their Product Page
Heatsinks and Coolers: +3 years
Fans: +3 Years
2. Registering the Product will require Users to sign up as a VIP member.
3. Signing up as a VIP member is free.
4. The Length of the Extended Warranty is susceptible to change depending on Product model.
5. Users are required to register their product within one month of purchase. After this period the Extended Warranty will automatically begin to diminish based on the product production date.
6. Users will need to provide a valid proof of purchase if there is any dispute regarding the Extended Warranty period.
7. CRYORIG has the right to terminate Extended Warranties if false registration information, foul play is identified or in the case of product registration codes are unrightfully obtained.


1. On the occasion where the Product arrives with damaged Function or distinguishable Visual Defects, the product will be deemed Dead on Arrival.
2. Products with missing items are entitled for a full replacement, or replacement parts, determined by CRYORIG.
3. The User has the choice to first contact the point of purchase for a product replacement of a Dead on Arrival product, based on Store Policy.
4. If the point of purchase cannot replace the Dead on Arrival product, either due to Store Policy or stock availability, CRYORIG will provide service for product replacement.
5. In the case where the defective product is needed to be returned. Users are responsible for shipping costs to ship back the defective item to the corresponding CRYORIG distributor at the point of purchase.
6. In the case where the user fails to contact CRYORIG for replacement of a Dead on Arrival product within 14 days, CRYORIG has the sole option to dictate the Product Replacement method and terms.


1. Products will uphold to the intended visual design, based on Product Photos on the company website.
2. Scratches on the surface of the Product that are distinguishable through touch of hand are counted as Visual Defects.
3. Other acknowledged Visual Defects include:
a. Unintended bent heatsink fins, with noticeable crease.
b. Any rust on either the heatsink fins, heatpipe or heatsink base.
c. Missing or broken cosmetic items and parts.
4. Products with Visual Defects are only replaceable within the 14 days of a Dead on Arrival and New Purchase situation.


1. In the case of discontinued products. CRYORIG may at its sole option provide either A) A new product of equal value and function. B) Replacement parts that will allow the product perform at its designed function. C) A Refurbished or Repaired Product of equal function.
2. If the Product is in fact a current available model, CRYORIG will provide a new replacement of the same model/configuration.
3. Replacement Products will continue the Warranty Period of the original purchase or extend for one month, whichever period is longer.
4. CRYORIG will dictate if the defective product is needed for return.
5. In the case where the defective product is needed to be returned. Users are responsible for shipping costs to ship back the defective item to the corresponding CRYORIG distributor in their region. In the case where a local distributor/reseller is not present, CRYORIG will offer to cover the additional international shipping charges.
6. CRYORIG, will be responsible for shipping the Product Replacement and at its sole option choose the shipping method.





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