• On the product page, there are three different colored Acoustic Vibration Absorbers. Are the other colors sold separately?

    Each XT140 package comes with a total of 3 sets (one pre-installed) of Acoustic Vibration Absorbers. The Acoustic Vibration Absorbers are easily removed and swappable. So you can choose the color of your preference!
  • Does the XT140 fit standard fan mounts or heatsinks?

    The XT140 is a round 140mm diameter fan with mounting holes matching a 120mm square fan. The holes on the Acoustic Vibration Absorbers also match standard 120mm fan hole sizes. So as long as your case fan mount supports standard 120mm fans, then you can use It with the XT140. For mounting on heatsinks, please contact your heatsink manufacturer and find out if their supplied fan mounts support 13mm thickness slim fans.
  • What would happen if I plug the 4pin XT140 into a 3pin fan socket?

    When plugging in the XT140 or any 4pin PWM fan into a 3pin fan socket, will cause the fan to spin at full speed. If the fan socket has speed control through voltage speed, then you will still be able to adjust the speed of the XT140.
  • What does PWM mean?

    PWM stands for Pulse Width Modulation. PC fans with PWM function use a dedicated signal line to send a series of electrical pulse signals to modify fan speed. This is also why PWM fans have an extra PWM signal line compared to traditional 3 pin fans. Traditional 3 pin fans achieve fan speed adjustment through lowering or increasing power input, which in comparison may damage the fan in the long run.