• Do the Cryorig A-series AIO liquid coolers have warranty that would cover the replacement of damaged computer components in the event of a leak or pump failure?

    Yes, CRYORIG will supply monetary compensation for damages that occur directly related to the malfunctioning or leaking of the product during normal use. For possible damages caused by our products, CRYORIG requires users to send in pictures of the damage and receipts of the said product via e-mail. Once we receive the form back, CRYORIG will issue prepaid shipping to bring the product and all suspected damage components back to our Lab for evaluation and possible monetary reimbursement if found that our product indeed caused the damage, otherwise, if our product passes the failure analysis, we will then send all the components back to you. The amount of monetary reimbursement will be based on the current market value of that given hardware. CRYORIG will do a failure analysis on our component and let you know the results.
  • What is the pre-applied thermal compound with my A40?

    The pre-applied thermal paste of the A40 is the CP5 which is our most high-end thermal compound. You can check out our website for more information about the CP5. http://www.cryorig.com/cp.php
  • Do I need to charge the coolant for my A40 after using a period of time?

    No. All of our all in one liquid coolers are basically airtight with sealed loop system, so you can’t and you won’t need to re-fill the coolant.