• When installing the H7, I find out the backplate of my H7 does not have the "B" hole drilled for the socket 1151 installation. Why is that?

    The backplate of your H7 is actually a new version. Just set the screws to "C" position and it will fit the LGA 1151 motherboard. We made this change because that enhances the stability of the screws and the holes fit the screws more snugly while the installation.
  • Can I use other fans on the H7? What types of fans are supported?

    Yes, you can use fans from other brands on the H7. The supported dimension is: 120mm by 26mm square fans.
  • Can I put my H7 on a LGA 775/2011/2011-3 platform?

    Mechanically, the H7 does not support socket LGA 775/2011/2011-3 due to its mounting system. Although we can provide the R1’s MultiSeg Mounting for the H7 that makes the H7 be compatible with LGA 775 and 2011(v3), the chances are the price of the H7 plus the MultiSeg Mounting will be more expansive than the H5 which already has 775/2011(v3) support. So unless there is a space limitation issue, otherwise we’d suggest you go with other products which originally support the mentioned sockets. But if you do insist on going with the H7+ MultiSeg and willing to pay for this, you can write in to Our support team will resolve your issue.