• Can I use other fans on the C7?

    No, Currently the C7 only supports the originally attached fan. We plan to make some fanclips that will work for the C7 but they’re not available for now.
  • I’m using the C7 on an ITX motherboard, but having issues installing the C7 as the backplate seems to be blocked on the back of my motherboard by some components or soldering pins. Any solutions?

    Yes, we’ve developed the alternative kits which replace the need of the backplate for a backplate-less installation. The washer system works with your existing mounting kit so there will be no interference with any component on the back your mainboard. To apply for the ITX Washer kit, just write in to and include: registration code of your product, full mailing address including name and phone number. CRYORIG’s support team will contact you later for verification.